Many cities have made the choice to swap out dial power meters for digital power meters simply because the digital ones are more accurate and do not require a meter reader every other month. In fact, they can transmit their data electronically, thereby reducing the need for meter readers. If your city has announced a city-wide required power meter replacement for every dial meter and every home and apartment, here is how you can help the electricians make your switch as smooth as possible.

Schedule Your Meter Swap Date

If you received notice that you have to schedule your own meter replacement date, this works to your advantage. You can call up the city's public works department and arrange for a block of time in which your meter is replaced. Then begin the other preparatory steps necessary to make the switch. If you are not given the option to select your own date but you are assigned one instead, you can still do the prep steps, but you may have to work around your schedule in the process.

On the Day of the Meter Swap

Do everything you need to do that involves electricity before the electrician arrives. This includes making meals, shaving, making coffee and working on a computer. Then go to your fuse box and pull the main breaker switch (yes, the one that says, "Stop! Danger!" on it) down to its "off" position. This shuts down all of the power going in and out of your home or building. It also prevents the electrician from electrocution as he/she disconnects and removes the old dial meter and replaces it with the new digital one.

Clear the Area Around the Meter Outside

Find your meter outside. Clear the area around it so that the electrician finds it and can get to it without having to go around objects and avoid falling. This includes removing garbage cans, kids' outdoor play equipment, deck boxes, etc. The electrician will need at least a few feet all the way around the meter in order to work on it. If there is water in this are too, put down a tarp to prevent any mild electric shock from current that is still present in the wires that run to the meter.

Keep Kids and Pets Indoors

What the electrician is doing to swap out your meter may not look difficult or dangerous at all. However, you should still keep kids and pets indoors. This keeps everyone safe from potential harm, including the electrician.

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