HVAC technicians need to have some electrical skills when installing central air conditioning. On occasion, they may need to subcontract out the electrical work to an electrician. Here is the electrician's role in installing your central air unit.

Creating a Connecting Switch in the Fuse Box

Most central air units have their own additional fuse box outside. However, these extra fuse boxes are connected to your home's fuse box for power supply reasons. The electrician has to create a connecting switch in your home's fuse box for the central air unit. Generally, he or she will look for a fuse switch that is currently not in use so that the rest of your home is not affected by any power surges created by the A/C. That is the switch that will be used to help supply power to the air conditioner.

Installing the Fuse Switch Outside

Central air units have fuse switches outside. Because of the amount of power required to operate these appliances, an extra fuse switch is installed outside. The cables and wiring from the condenser unit outside is then threaded into this box, which is powered by some extra fuses that are removable and replaceable. A pull switch to turn power on and off is also part of this box outside. The electrician makes sure the whole of it is installed and installed correctly to avoid any electrical fires or surges in power that could cause other electrical problems for your home.

Connecting Wires Between Both Boxes

The electrician will also connect the wires and cables between your home's fuse box and the A/C's fuse box outside. Holes are drilled into the side of your home or the foundation and then the electrical wires and cables from the outside box are connected to the house fuse box. What goes into the outside fuse box is not the same set of wires/cables that exit it and head for the house fuse box, so an electrician is needed to verify that the connecting wires are the correct ones.

The Thermostat Is Also Electrically Connected

In order to turn your A/C on and off or set it to auto when your house reaches a certain temperature, the thermostat has to be connected to the air conditioning system. The electrician takes care of this connection as well. Another set of wires run from the thermostat to the air conditioner in order to activate and control its activity. 

For more information about your A/C unit and how an electrician or HVAC service can help, contact a central air conditioning company, such as Plisko Service Solutions.