For any company, energy costs can make up a considerable expense. As a result, many companies rightfully look for ways to cut costs by operating more energy efficiently. While a great effort, the problem is that many think they're saving when in actuality they aren't. Are you making an energy saving mistake?

Turning The Computer Off

Telling your employees to turn off their computers at the end of the work day to save money? If so, you might think you're saving a lot, but you're not. While it won't exactly hurt, the return isn't always worth the effort. You can still save some energy, but create an easier process by having them to turn their computer to sleep mode at the end of the day instead.

Using Energy Efficiency Light Bulbs

If you think that by upgrading to energy efficiency light bulbs all your problems will be solved – you're incorrect. Sure, these light bulbs do burn electricity at a reduced rate when compared to traditional bulbs. However, they still use electricity to operate. If you don't adapt to more energy savings practices in terms of operation, you will still be left with the possibility of higher bills. Update your bulbs and your practices.

Closing Vents

The cost to heat or cool a commercial building can be substantial. If you think you've found a way to save by closing the vents, this isn't the case. Some owners believe that closing the vents can help them lower their dependency on their heating and cooling systems because the air is more focused in the spaces they need. However, this practice makes the comfort system work harder and the harder the system works, the more energy used and the higher your bill.

Learn How You Can Save

Learn how you can save by having a professional energy audit performed. As part of the audit, the condition of your energy systems, as well as an assessment of your day-to-day practices is performed. Based on the findings, any problems with the energy systems, necessary upgrades and suggested changes to your practices are highlighted.

One of the things that's so great about an audit is that the results are tailored specifically to your company and not just a list of generic ways to save so you will get a greater return on your effort.

Make sure your company is on the right track to save on energy costs.